As one of the leading recyclers of aggregate material in the North Bay, we take pride in our sustainable efforts company-wide and strive to constantly improve our relationship with the surrounding environment. From our solar field to watershed rehabilitation to diverting millions of tons of materials from the landfill for upcycling, being stewards of the environment is one of the pillars from which Stony Point Rock Quarry has been built.  Check out our links below to learn more about how we are working hard to minimize our footprint and build a better future.

Solar Field

Our solar field, installed in 2014, allows us to consume less, save more, and remain good stewards of our natural resources.

Washoe Creek Restoration

Stony Point Rock Quarry is participating in an effort to create a healthier watershed from the Washoe Creek which drains into the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Sonoma Clean Power Electric Vehicles

Soiland is proud to use the Sonoma Clean Power program to lease several electric cars for company use.  We have free charging stations at all of our three sites so anyone can use our solar power to recharge their cars.

Concrete Recycling Program

Our recycling efforts at Stony Point Rock Quarry have two goals: divert unnecessary waste from our local community landfill and provide Sonoma County residents and companies with high-quality recycled aggregate options.