Recycling Process

Our recycling efforts at Stony Point Rock Quarry have two goals: divert unnecessary waste from our local community landfill and provide Sonoma County residents and companies with high-quality recycled aggregate options. We’re proud to say we’ve successfully been doing both for the last decade. Our facility operates in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

When a contractor or homeowner brings in their recyclable products into one of our locations, we use various techniques to separate, screen, and process the material into our 3/4″ Class 2 Recycle Aggregate Base. This product is made to meet city, county, and state specifications for aggregate base rock used under road surfaces. This high-quality product can also be used for the top of an unpaved road surface.

How Does This Work?

Every load of recyclable materials brought into our quarry is inspected and any materials contaminated with soil or unsuitable materials are rejected. Acceptable materials are then dumped by the contractor or homeowner and stockpiled.

To prepare the materials for processing, a large excavator with a pincher attachment pre-processes it by reducing the overall size of the raw material so that it easily passes into the processing plant.  All rebar, metal, and other unsuitable items are separated from the potential aggregate material and recycled through a scrap metal recycling facility.

After pre-processing, the raw recyclable materials are pulverized and sorted by a variety of crushers, conveyors, belts, and screens. Several magnets are included in the processing circuit to remove any residual metals from the finished product. Our quarry workers also visually screen the material as it moves along the conveyors to remove unsuitable items.

Stony Point Rock Quarry is proud of the work we have done to help rid Sonoma County of unnecessary waste as well as the quality of recycled aggregate products. For more information on how to participate in our recycling program, please visit our Drop Off page.