Solar Field

As one of the leading recyclers of aggregate material in the North Bay, we take pride in our sustainable efforts company-wide and strive to constantly improve our relationship with the surrounding environment. This is why we first made the decision to start harnessing solar power in 2007 to help power our office building at the quarry.

After experiencing the energy and costs savings from the small solar system, we began looking for ways to expand the benefits of solar energy to power the quarry plant operations as well. Through working with local solar installer, North Coast Solar, we recently installed a 202 kW, 33 dual-axis solar tracker system.

This innovative system has solar trackers that use GPS technology to accurately follow the sun from rise to set, producing up to 40% more energy than traditional fixed rooftop or ground mounted systems. Overall, our solar system will generate more than 400,000 kilowatt-hours per year. The system installed at Stony Point Rock Quarry was named a “Top 10 Green Product of the Year” by BuildingGreen magazine and we project it will financially pay for itself in just seven years. Our solar field, installed in 2014, allows us to consume less, save more, and remain good stewards of our natural resources.

solar_field solar_field2