Bioswale at Mare Island

You cannot hardscape the earth and develop property without consideration for runoff, infiltration of stormwater or some other concerns. Most developments require mitigations or offsetting infiltrations or ways of cleaning up the storm water. These basins provide that.

Notice when you go shopping at Dick’s in SR, or Target in Petaluma, or having lunch at the big casino in RP. The parking lots and in most cased the buildings themselves drain into basin or retention ponds for filtration and proper flow-controls.

This installation is below a redevelopment area inside the old Mare Island Naval Base. The drainage from the homesites above all drain into this basin. Why? Because runoff is dirty and needs to be filtered by today’s standards and this basin is both a hydraulic conveyance feature that will properly handle and disperse the water as well as filtering the water.

The bottom 12″ is aggregate from Syar in Vallejo. The 18″ or so of soil is from Soils Plus as our “bioswale” soil.

The system works in one way as a low-flow system, and another as a high-flow. In high-flow, the water basically goes into the top of the drain boxes and quickly escapes into the bay. What the stormwater regulators and designers want accomplished is the normal rains and events to be mostly filtered.